Welcome to: Nature is The Teacher; A Development and Freedom Principle for all peoples!

Introduction: This blog is about empowerment for holistic and sustainable living, focusing on building awareness and critical thinking in people through the sharing and analysis of information. It holds a most basic definition of information (played on as inform-and-action) as the mould or building block for people’s action (or its corollary, inaction). Thus, it debunks such popular line that ignorance is bliss. There is nothing blissful about ignorance! For example, a clear water solution of sodium hydroxide pellets looks like drinkable table water. However, it is caustically fatal – and drinking it in ignorance of that fact (information) will not blissfully prevent the damaging effect. As this blog unfolds in such simple discernment and de-construction on fundamental principles for meaningful living, it will be of particular interest to the putative victims of oppression and exploitation in the well-known ubiquitous power games in our world. If we cannot totally dismantle the oppressive and exploitative structures that hound us, we can, at least, very wisely and creatively avoid their darts. A heritage Nigerian proverb quotes a wise bird as saying that since a hunter has learnt to shoot without missing, it will learn to fly without perching. That is to say, the bird makes it impossible for the killer to aim at it! The core theory in this blog is that nature, as the teacher, has a template for all peoples to live – in freedom and fulfillment. The things needed are (a) the crucial first step to be informed, and (b) the important follow-up move to think critically!

Host: This blog is hosted by Dr. Osahon Chris Eigbike, an adjunct faculty at the Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, California. An Esan-Nigerian-Canadian living in the outskirt of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he also does consulting/teaching in the integrated areas of holistic community development and primary (namely, preventive) healthcare. A centre to add wings to all this in his heritage home, Nigeria, is in the offing. With an eclectic educational journey that spans Political Science, Agricultural Science, Critical Theology, Holistic Counselling, Culture and Spirituality, Primary Healthcare and Population Studies, Herbal Science, Higher Education and Social Change, and Development Studies, he is very well equipped, and passionate on the subject of empowerment and holistic capacity building.

Osahon is widely travelled in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and North America, with a capacity-building work history in Nigeria, Southern Africa and Canada as a teacher, career consultant, community health worker and manager of a poverty alleviation project. A community resource person, he has served on the boards of many development agencies in Canada, Nigeria and Southern Africa, and spoken on various issues of social change for genuine multiculturalism. Dr. Eigbike is an African drummer, and has facilitated cross-cultural learning workshops in various community centres and educational institutions in Canada and USA. He has a cherished hobby – turning into a small home-based business: a hand-crafted soap making outfit under the name: Baobab Vita-Natura whose raw materials are totally organic, producing rich cleansing bars that nourish the skin.

Blog Invitation and Expectation: As this blog is dedicated to authentic freedom principles, please feel free to share information, including heritage stories teaching wisdom lessons, and commentaries/analyses about the diverse subjects relating to holistic, sustainable living, and authentic freedom from oppression and manipulation in our world… Let us talk about education, food security and nutrition, healthcare, religion and spirituality, politics, imperialism, the economy and commerce, culture, racism, sexism, classism and all the exclusive/dichotomous oppressive isms in our world! Let us collaboratively ask critical questions in a genuine desire to know and be wiser. Let us seek to decode putative mysteries and monsters. There are no mysteries but the unfamiliar patterns in nature waiting to be understood, just as there are no monsters but masquerades that we have chosen to dignify as objects to be feared. For example, the oppressors in our world are not superhuman beings; they also answer nature’s call just like us. That is a freedom principle for our conscious rumination! So let us share and seek information to help in the understanding of life issues, as the cornerstone for authentic freedom.